GlassBoost Technical Sheet
Technical Data Sheet

Product Name

Product Description
GlassBoost is specially formulated for high performance, trouble-free printing. Our formulator's tight manufacturing specifications ensure consistent quality batch after batch. The value of NUVS inks is unmatched in the industry. NUVS products offer expanded color gamut, long term outdoor durability, superior adhesion, and the lowest maintenance requirements of any ink in the digital inkjet marketplace. NUVS is setting the standard for the level of technical support and is unmatched by the competition. GlassBoost uses the latest technologies available to provide unmatched performance on glass, when used in conjunction with UV curable inks. This product expands the applications suitable for UV Curable inkjet ink. GlassBoost provides an increase in adhesion, abrasion and water resistance for UV Curable inks on glass.

Product Highlights
  • Premium Quality
  • Best Value
  • Consistency
  • Superior Adhesion
  • Can be applied via inkjet or aerosol spray
  • Performance, Abrasion/Scratch Resistance, Optimized Printer Performance, Minimal Printer Maintenance

Typical Uses
Graphics printed on Glass Substrates.

Drying/Curing Parameters
GlassBoost is formulated to be fully cured during the printing process. The actual exposure needed to reach full state-of-cure will depend on the UV curable ink used and the intensity and focus of the lamp system and spectral output of the bulb type, our highly experienced technicians can assist you in your system design and requirement.

Handling & Storage
All personnel handling the GlassBoost should wear appropriate gloves and eye protection. The
product should be stored tightly closed with a room temperature range of 5-40C (41-104OF). The shelf life of this product is 12 months from the Date of Manufacture. GlassBoost should be kept away from UV light, direct heat, sparks, and flames. This product should be stored in its original packaging until time of use.

Available Packaging
This product is available in 1 Liter bottles and aerosol cans. Custom packaging is also available.

National UV Supply Corporation stands behind the quality of its products. However, NUVS cannot guarantee the finished print output because we have no control over the printing equipment set-up or process. While NUVS will provide sound technical advice on the use of our products, it is the user’s responsibility to ensure that the products being used are appropriate for the end use application. All of the information contained within this technical data sheet is accurate as of the date published, this sheet may be updated or deleted as new information becomes available.
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