10-9521 Brite White
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Brite White, probably the last brite white ink you will ever need. The ultimate in soft smooth body, Brite White’s printability is the best in the industry. It will give the printer the ultimate in coverage, smoothness and soft hand for a white underlay. The smoothness of the print will give you brighter colors on top of your underlay. All these features are available in a Low Bleed Formula. Brite White will answer all your needs in a workhorse White Ink.

•Smooth Body
•Great Coverage
•Low Bleed
•Soft Hand
•Bright Colors on a Underlay
•Brightest White

Printing Instructions
•Best printed with medium squeegees and good mesh tensions. Low mesh
tensions often prevent good clearing, hamper registration, and affect
•Squeegee angles are normally more upright than tilted so that the printing
is done with the edge of the squeegee blade and not the side. A softer
squeegee will sometimes improve coverage as will tilting the squeegee
more to the side. However the heavier lay down will also affect the "hand"
of the final print and may prevent clean registration depending on the
image design and quality of the screen.
•If ink does not clear - reduce the ink viscosity with curable reducer,
increase squeegee pressure, decrease squeegee speed, tilt squeegee
more upright, increase off contact. A combination of two or more of these
changes may be necessary
Cotton, Poly/Cotton Blends, and Acrylics
Bleed Resistance Good.
Opacity High
Mesh 87 to 300
Screen Tension 20 newton or higher
Stencil Direct, Indirect & Capillary
Squeegee Type 70, 70/90, 70/90/70
Squeegee Blade Sharp
Squeegee Angle 45 degree
Squeegee Speed Average
Pressure Average to light
Flashing Fast. (700 F for 4 seconds). Mesh will effect the flash times.
Gel Temp 157
Cure Temp 1 to 1 ½ minutes at 325 F
Reducer 10-9906 Curable Reducer

Always test this product for curing, adhesion, crocking, opacity, washability, and other requirements in your specific application before using in production.

Storage Ideally at 80 F. Keep out of direct sunlight and heat.
Wash-up Any Plastisol Screen wash or Mineral Sprits

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