10-2195 Majestic Black
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W.M. PLASTICS Majestic Black 10-2195

A premium black ink with easy flowing multipurpose ink extremely popular with automatic printers for use in any head station. Excellent wet on wet printing with no build-up. Gives a soft hand when printed.

· Smooth Body
· Great Coverage
· Soft Hand
· No Buildup
· Clears Screen well

Printing Instructions
· When flooding one should use minimal pressure.
· Use proper pressure and angle of squeegee when pulling constant squeegee speed.
· Adding more strokes of the squeegee can increase deposit.
· Heavy deposits can increase dot gain and smuggles

Substrates Cotton, Poly/Cotton Blends, and Acrylics
Bleed Resistance None
Opacity High
Mesh 86 to 300
Screen Tension 20 newton or higher
Stencil Direct, Indirect & Capillary
Squeegee Type 70, 70/90, 70/90/70
Squeegee Blade Sharp
Squeegee Angle 45 degree
Squeegee Speed Normal
Pressure Average
Flashing Slow. (700 F for 9 seconds). Mesh will effect the flash times.
Gel Temp 185 F
Cure Temp 1 to 1 ½ minutes at 325 F
Thinning 10-9906 Curable Reducer

Caution Always test this product for curing, adhesion, crocking, opacity, wash ability, and other requirements in your specific application before using in production.

Storage Ideally at 80 F. Keep out of direct sunlight and heat.
Wash-up Any Plastisol Screen wash or Mineral Sprits

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