Vanguard VK300D Flatbed UV Printer 


Built on the 4-time award winning series, the 5' x 10' VK300D-H S LED UV fixed table flatbed is the best 5' x 10' digital flatbed printer, period! This fully featured printer revolutionizes the industry with a high-speed electromagnetic drive system that propels the carriage at speeds up to 2.2m per second for an incredible 60 boards per hour. This impressive advancement ensures your business will out produce any competitor. 
The VK300D-HS comes equipped with industrial Kyocera KJ4A print heads that deliver print dots as small as 3.Spl ensuring tight dot placement for vivid output on virtually any substrate up to 4" thick. Other features include auto height detection, one-touch pin registration, front-to-back and back-to-front printing, water cooled LED curing technology, ionization bars, 6 reversible vacuum zones and supports CMYK, LC, LM, W & V. The VK300D-HS is engineered to grow with your business and is field expandable up to 10 print heads via 2 print rows. 


The VK300D-SS is the exclusive table upgrade of the VK300D-HS manufactured with a customized honeycomb tabletop made for wood, aluminum and other hard to hold down substrates. The SS version utilizes an enhanced suction system that employs 120K l/8th inch holes, 2 independent vacuum zones and 2 - 5hp Spencer blowers to smooth out the most warped material for improved, uninterrupted printing. 


The VK300D-HVT is the big brother of table upgrades. Built with a custom milled aluminum tabletop made specifically for corrugated package printing, this table will have your team producing at an incredible pace without the fear of curled substrates and head strikes. The table is made up ofl20K l/8th inch holes and 2-7.5 HP Spencer blowers for maximum substrate stability while printing.