Replacement UV Lamps
UV replacement lamps

We offer a complete line of UV Curing (Mercury Vapor) and Exposure (Metal Halide) lamps. We can usually provide an exact match or suitable alternative. Due to the number of lamps we purchase, we can offer you competitive pricing on every lamp we sell.

Here are a number of equipment manufacturers whose UV curing and exposure lamps we sell.  If your equipment is not listed, please contact us for availability and pricing. The easiest way to determine the lamp replacement is by answering the following questions.


Equipment Manufacturer:          
Equipment Model Number:                 
Lamp Part Number:

UV Lamp Dimensions  
1.Total Overall Length:   
2. Arc Length:
3. Diameter:
4. Cable Yes or No:
Cable Length (in/mm)  A & B:
Cable connector type:
5. End Fitting Metal or Ceramic:
a  (inch/mm)
b  (inch/mm)
c  (inch/mm)
d  (inch/mm)

To help you select the correct lamp, please contact our customer service department.
  • AAA
  • AWT
  • FMA
  • SPE
  • TAS
  • Aetek
  • Advance American
  • American Screen Printing
  • American UV
  • Anatol
  • Argon
  • Fusion
  • Olec
  • OnLine Energy
  • ORC
  • Phillips
  • Precision
  • Prime UV
  • SIAS
  • Svecia
  • TAS
  • Theimer
  • Ushio
  • Uvex/Dynachem
  • Gallus
  • Hanovia
  • Harco
  • Honle
  • Hopkins
  • IST
  • Kopac
  • M&M
  • M&R
  • NuArc
  • Nordson
  • Nilpeter