UV Jet Recovery Fluid
Technical Data Sheet

Product Name
UV Jet Recovery Fluid

Product Description
UV Jet Recovery Fluid is specially formulated for high performance cleaning of inkjet printheads. This product works to loosen partially cured ink and debris from the passage ways which can then be removed from the printheads via fluid flow, pressure and vacuum. NUVS is setting the standard for the level of technical support and is unmatched by the competition. UV Jet Recovery Fluid provides superior value to the user by reducing printhead replacement frequency and cost.

Product Highlights
  • Premium Quality
  • Best Value
  • Can be used in many of the commercially available cleaning equipment.
  • Performance - Unmatched recovery success rates, Returns the passages to “like-new” condition

Typical Uses
Cleaning and Recovery of UV curable printheads.

Handling & Storage
All personnel handling the UV Jet Recovery Fluid should wear appropriate gloves and eye protection. The product should be stored tightly closed with a room temperature range of 5-40C (41-104OF). The shelf life of this product is 24 months from the Date of Manufacture. UV Jet Recovery Fluid should be kept away from direct heat, sparks, and flames.

Available Packaging
This product is available in 1 Liter and 1 Gallon bottles. Custom packaging is also available.

National UV Supply Corporation stands behind the quality of its products. However, NUVS cannot guarantee the finished print output because we have no control over the printing equipment set-up or process. While NUVS will provide sound technical advice on the use of our products, it is the user’s responsibility to ensure that the products being used are appropriate for the end use application. All of the information contained within this technical data sheet is accurate as of the date published, this sheet may be updated or deleted as new information becomes available.