Screen Printing Fabric/Mesh

Screen Mesh for Conventional, UV or Textile

We have a large variety of meshes in stock.  Purchase by the Yard, 10 Yard Lengths, 30 Yard Lengths 
To help you select the correct mesh for your screen printing needs, please contact our customer service department.

What mesh should be used ? (Textile Printers)
Ink manufactures and every screen printer on earth has their own ideas as to what mesh should be used. We will give you our idea of mesh count usage, but feel free to make your own list.

Athletic inks- 62-85 mesh
Glitter- 38 mesh
Maxopake- 74-125 mesh
Process- 305-355 mesh
Shimmers- 60--86 mesh (Black-110 mesh)
Ultrasoft inks- 86-305
White ink- 68-230 (New 81sd really lets the ink through)
Solvent/UV-230 on up

To assist you in making your own list, think of mesh this way. Light color material needs less ink layer to cover, so use higher mesh counts. Darker color materials need a thicker ink layer, so use lower mesh counts. Remember, thicker ink layers require more cure time.

Printers using a manual press should stay between 38 and 125, maybe 158 mesh. Any mesh higher than say 196 requires a lot of strength to push the ink through. Now automatic press owners, can use the full range of mesh counts, and should use them.
Screen printing mesh/fabric