NUTRALYZE screen printing degreaser is a super concentrated degreasing and wetting agent for all types of screen fabrics. It is best suited as a “prep” for conventional direct emulsion on coarser mesh. It is also great for degreasing new mesh, but does not contain ‘abraders’ for roughing up the fabric. When used properly, Nutralyze screen printing degreaser should reduce the incidence of pinholes and assists the retention characteristics required for coating. 

APPLICATION: Prior to applying this product, remove any ink or stencil stains. 

The best dilution ratio for economical purposes is 1 part Nutralyze to 10 parts water. For ideal results, dilute as 1 part Nutralyze to 3 parts water, but keep in mind your customer’s own individual needs. Apply with a sponge or a 3M pad brush. The 3M pad brush is preferred because it will help Nutralyze to abrade the mesh.

ADVANTAGES: Has excellent sheeting and degreasing characteristics. 

Can be used with soft or hard water conditions while controlling spotting. Extremely economical. Non-hazardous. Pleasant smelling.

This Product Comes in Gallons and 5 Gallons

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5 Gallon  $55.88 Call For Shipping